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Welcome to my new portfolio site and blog!

April is almost here, which means that my year at Sheridan for my post grad in web design is coming to an end. I will be really sad to go, and miss all my new friends and the expert knowledge of my teachers, but I am very eager to start my new career in web design.

We are having a year end show to showcase our end of year projects so these last couple months are going to be hectic to say the least. I really am proud to be leading the design team through styling, branding and building our final year’s website to host everyone’s project.  This year our theme is “Spectrum”.

Spectrum Grad Show Logo
Spectrum Grad Show Logo


We thought it was really great that our class is composed of such an array of diverse students with different backgrounds coming together to learn web design, and wanted to portray this abstract idea using colour along with a strong concept.

Everyone has chosen a colour that they feel best represents their personality, and we have designed a logo to encompass all of these colourful personalities. There are 25 blocks in our pyramid and only 24 people in the class, but you will notice that through our new knowledge of web colour display when all combined we display white at the very peak.

The design team is working quickly to resolve a final interface design that will showcase everyone’s work and personalities with some bold styling. We will be choosing a series of personality questions for the class to choose from to best represent themselves – i.e. “Do you prefer coffee or tea”, “Do prefer outside of inside”…”pencil of pen”…”stylus or mouse”…”Freddy or Jason”….which will be displayed as icons on each person’s individual page, do give a little edge/spice/quirk to our site.

Thanks for checking out my site, check back regularly, I’ll be blogging about grad show, current projects and maybe even my current endeavor of training for a half ironman triathlon. eek! Cheers everyone.

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