Pinkberry Branding & Design

A little Saturday inspiration, focusing on smart, incredibly well thought out branding, leveraged by smart, simple, clean design.

Always in search of white space, I came across branding company Ferro Concrete’s site: and landed on Pinkberry. I am a monster fan of Yogen Fruz, so naturally I am drawn to Pinkberry and it’s gorgeous, clean design.


The overall branding for all aspects of this company are seamless and I have to share! Check it out!

Gorgeous use of colour and light


Clean, crisp store front


Clean, simple and beautiful web layout


Packaging to facilitate multiple yogurt purchases - BRILLIANT


The whimsical interior really pushes the 'experience' of Pinkberry to consumers


Good clean advertising


Holiday ads are right on mark


Super cute holiday cups


They’ve thought this whole Pinkberry experience so well through that even the under construction sites serve as means to advertise for future employees and draw in consumers immediately. Well done. Can Pinkberry move to Canada now?


Well thought out under construction store treatment.



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