Crazy for infographics

For those of you who know me, know that I love infographics as a way to display bland and/or complicated information. Some of the things people come up with and put together so great and creative. I love for infographics, but have come across some new ones today and thought I would share – enjoy!



Check out the OMG space site – through scrolling you can explore and get a grasp distance of planets in space. super cool:


American Pet Infographic

I like this one because I’m trying to convince the hubby to get me a Great Dane…this doesn’t help, but was so beautifully illustrated and designed I had to post anyways – here’s hoping!


celebrity breakups
Celebrity Breakups

Really great typography, colour and texture in this one + they use some font’s I’ve been dying to try out.



Happy Birthday Vincent Van Gogh

I love this one, it does the retro styling so well. Every part of this is entertaining. Great icons and type and great texture.



Water world


This displays SO much information, but is still clear and visually appealing.

This is where I have to cut myself off of infographics today, must get back to figuring out Javascripting. Cheers!


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