Studio 360 Rebrands Big Ideas

The thought of branding something as big and broad as an entire country or job field can be daunting. Where do you start? Today, while browsing through powerpoint presentations for inspiration I came across an amazing presentation on a rebrand for the teaching sector. The presentation was great because it takes you through the studios primary ideas and takes you through an entire proposed campaign.

This presentation led me to Studio 360‘s website. They are a New York radio station that features a Peabody Award-winning show “Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen”. The show covers what’s happening in pop culture and the arts, they also have a great blog and vast website to browse. It turns out Studio 360 chooses topics that need a makeover and selects willing studios to do the design. Hyperakt, a great studio who does work for GOOD magazine and UNICEF was chosen to do the overhaul on the tired chalkboard, apple, 123’s and ABC’s iconography associated with teachers. One teacher even referred to this branding as “apple crapple”. Studio 360 found out that a lot of teachers hate this “crapple apple” visual imagery, so why wait? Hyperakt jumped on board and created a beautiful campaign.

Check out some images selected from Hyperakt’s presentation of their rebrand.










Canadian Bruce Mau Design was selected by Studio 360 to give Canada’s branding a facelift.
Throughout the presentation from Bruce Mau they iterate that Canada’s branding is not the problem, but rather that American’s don’t have an in depth knowledge of Canada and our history. This clever rebrand emphasizes all things that make us Canadian and all things that Canada contributes, I love that Pamela Anderson is the focus of one. I love the use of subtle humour throughout, I think that’s what makes us truly Canadian, we are proud and we can take a joke. Well done.





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Download the full Hyperakt teaching presentation here
View the full Bruce Mau Canadian rebrand presentation here

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