Good Thins


Launch this new snack from Mondelez and get people to discover their new “Go-To Good” snack.


Use the tag line “Go-To Good” as a base of all digital content we create. But Go-to’s are very personal and occasion based. They’re the result of a relationship built on trust that has been time tested. For that reason one person’s go-to isn’t necessarily another’s.


When something new comes out…a car, a movie..we have go-to people (friends, experts, magazines) to vet it before we consider it ourselves. We did the same thing with Good Thins. We created a series of videos of some famous Go-To people, some classic Go-To personalities and some quirky Go-To’s you’ve never thought of before and we shot spots hearing their ‘honest’ reactions.

Copywriter: Cynthia Siegel & Paul Elicker   |  Sr Director: Carla Butwin   |  Creative Director: Heather English

Password: GoodThins