MasterCard Oldest Rivalry


To create digital buzz around the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens home opener game sponsored by MasterCard Canada.


MasterCard asked us for a Facebook post of two to promote the home opener, but we had an exciting idea that we thought they might love but with only a limited budget of $5000 including production we squeezed every penny to get hockey fans across Canada excited for the game.


Heckling is a tradition, so in celebration of Canada’s NHL season opener between MasterCard Canada invited fans of each to submit their heckles via Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. An old-fashioned Barbershop Quartet set the heckles to a four part harmony, and recorded online videos (in both English and French) for each. Fifty-six original videos were shown on game day (October 1) over eight hours, and the campaign garnered 4.3 million Twitter impressions.


Applied Arts Awards 2014 – Financial Services

Midas Awards – World’s Best Financial Advertising 2014

Gold Midas – Use of Medium – Social Media

Copywriter: Matt Lee & Jill Mack   |   Creative Directors: Cam Boyd & Troy McGuinness

How the night went down

We launched with a teaser video explaining to fans how to participate

The Influencer Play

With limited budgets we reached out to influencers in the Canadian hockey spotlight to contribute their jabs

The Highlight Reel

We made over 50 videos but here are some of my favorite heckles

Goals were scored and covered in real time

We had worked the days leading up on a bunch of goal scripts in case the quartets needed some inspiration or were stuck for rhymes

The Leafs were up but Montreal was having a comeback

But in the end the Leafs won and the rivalry continues